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My sex life blog

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I read and appreciated each one!

She's also the creator and host of the top-rated podcast by the same name as her blog. Sex with Emily covers everything from sex dreams and. I don't want everyone to know that I write about sex. If someone knows me in real life, then I'd prefer them not to read my blow-by-blow account. (I threw in some of my own commentary to break things up). Improve Married Sex Life | 13 couples answer the question, "What has been the . Its so easy not to, but I was struck by something said on your blog actually in.

This does way more for me to put me in the mood than foreplay. The want was there in droves before we were married, but then basically after the honeymoon, my want waned big time.

The change happened for me when, in a rare moment, a good my sex life blog of mine opened up bpog me, and said she had been married for three years with really painful sex before she went to her doctor, who actually recommended a vibrator for their problem, looking for a special older lady she said now she actually loves sex!

It opened up a whole new world for her and now she wants sex for her and not just for her husband ny for strengthening their marriage.

And I thought— I want to experience that— I want to feel what it would feel like to love sex. That was what changed everything for us— wanting it for me— instead of duty sex.

Wow, what a great story! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Love this one. We share our fantasies frequently.

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Something I never thought we would do, but now we experiment a lot. Good for you guys.

My sex life blog I Am Looking Sex Chat

We BOTH wanted to be more satisfied and we thought the problem would be solved if we learned some new techniques, new positions, or maybe went on vacation. BUT after my sex life blog other issues led us to therapy, we finally realized, the answers to our problems in bed did not lie in TECHNIQUE, it was our other marital and personal issues that were getting in the way all this blg.

This is SO true. There are WAY more obstacles to a satisfying sex life than just behaviors in bed!

Even ontario k that seems like the obvious and easiest solution to more passion. Its true what they say- the brain is the most important sex organ. So happy you guys are doing well!

And thanks for mentioning therapy. I think everyone should go.

Sex Life – Jennifer Degler Ministries

Expectations can ruin desire. Similar minds think alike.

Our biggest obstacle has come from having a wex of little kids that take all our time, attention my sex life blog energy. Its so easy not to, but I was struck by something said on your blog actually in answer to a reader who said their biggest obstacle to a good sex life was tiredness and the therapist said its probably actually NOT tiredness but just not prioritizing it. Thanks for sharing.

an anonymous sex blogger who was fired from her job when her boss discovered her You can have babies, bills, and a rockin' hot sex life. I don't want everyone to know that I write about sex. If someone knows me in real life, then I'd prefer them not to read my blow-by-blow account. A year and a half ago I got “the news” from my husband – and that led to to a I thought when our marriage was finally healed, our sex life would function as I.

That post they are referring to is this one. I guess I got this mistaken idea from media???

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For us, having sex puts us in my sex life blog mood for more sex! I grew up in a very conservative culture where it was constantly preached to repress any and all things related to sex, sexual thoughts, desires until marriage.

Two Anonymous Sex Bloggers Share Their Secrets (But Not Their Identities!) | Glamour

My husband was oh-so-happy I worked on. Thank you!

I lide through a similar realization two years ago. There you have it. Thank you to everyone who contributed your wisdom to this post and if you have more wisdom to share- let us know in the comments!!

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My sex life blog

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