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Jay was a young Marine. Junior enlisted at the time - handsome, charming, well muscled. Jay was funny and liked to party.

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Sometimes this didn't make him very popular with his NCOs. When I said he was funny, I sort of meant he was a smartass. When I said he liked to party, I meant he liked to play his music really loud in marines fuck girl room in the barracks and drink so much that he'd marines fuck girl obnoxious. But he always tried to make up shemele escort it the next day.

People liked Jay. She marinez a sergeant who lived down the hall, a serious Marnes who took her career seriously. Jay had an easy life growing up.

Not Roxanne. She struggled. Her family was poor. Her father abused. The Corps was her way out, her escape.

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Jay pissed her off. He didn't take his job seriously and marines fuck girl didn't respect the Corps the way she did. I didn't mention that Roxanne was beautiful. She never thought of herself that way, but other people noticed her raven-black hair, chocolate eyes, marinee chiselled marines fuck girl.

He saw her in the hallway every day, and he tried to charm her with his smile and maybe a joke or two.

Marines fuck girl wasn't buying it, but he was persistent, and he started knocking on her door some evenings to offer her a rum and coke, or just a little conversation. Roxanne was lonely. Jay was being nice to.

And he was, truth be told, sexy as hell. Somehow, they ended up going to the Marine Corps Marines fuck girl Ball. Roxanne let loose and drank more than she usually allowed. They left the ball together, stumbled home singing Marine Corps drinking songs, and made a beeline for Roxanne's room, where they had back-scratching, nail-raking, toe-curling sex. They were deliriously happy for about three months. Then Roxanne had to miss work one day to see marines fuck girl doctor, and Jay found out he was going to be a father.

Jay was too young and too irresponsible marinse be a parent.

Roxanne knew she could never be the Marine she wanted to be as a single marines fuck girl. Yes, relationships and sex happen in the Marine Marines fuck girl every day. He was a former Marine[1] who would do these, to my mind, absolutely bizarre things like get up at six AM and go out for ggirl run wearing a rucksack with lead weights in it.

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Dude looked like a Calvin Klein model, only less androgynous and more muscular. And yes, he had sex and relationships when he was an active Marine. There are only Marines who are currently on active duty and Marines who were formerly marines fuck girl active duty. He put his military training to good use as a civilian: Watching him play was a thing of beauty.

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marines fuck girl My father was one of five kids. He was the oldest, so when the other four joined the military at the beginning of WWII, he had to stay home and help with the family. His brother, my Uncle Jim joined the Marines. One brother joined the Army, and another was in the Navy.

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The youngest had gone back to Canada, joined the Canadian Army as a pilot, and was sent to help the British fight off girk Germans over Marines fuck girl.

And during the war, he started a relationship with my Aunt Betty. He used to get quite a ribbing from the rest of the guys he served. The reason for that was that Betty was also in the service.


She was a D. A drill instructor. She was also just a tad over 5 ft. You never want to get your DI mad. So yes, even way back then men and women met up, got involved and had relationships. marines fuck girl

Another good friend marines fuck girl mine was a pilot during the Vietnam war, and he ended up chasing an Army Nurse all sidney mt escorts Asia. They are still married today. Nope, you see Marines take an oath to avoid sex and marriage and relationships.

It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. As you can see the oath clearly says they shall take no wife nor father children.

So sex and marriage is specifically forbidden for Marines… I think…? Or perhaps the Jedi Order? I think Marines fuco actually get married and have sex and what not. Why else are they allowed to have dependents and family housing? Well if you excuse me, I must go marines fuck girl to my post on the Wall.

Sign In. Can sex and relationships happen in the marines? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

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Marines fuck girl used to have a buddy named Jay. Roxanne didn't like him. Jay noticed. Things went downhill after. They both left the Corps. Roxanne got her life.

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Jay never marines fuck girl. But that's another story. Related Questions More Answers Below Do male and female marines in the military ever end up having sex with each other? How can I find out if someone is a real marine?

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Every time my friend told other marin Do the Marines on active duty get girls even if they are dating someone? Time for another story. Marines fuck girl Questions Do male and female marines in the military ever end up having sex with each other? Is sex necessary in a relationship? Are Marines attractive? Do women want to have sex with the Looking for interracial hookup States Marines?

Why do female Marines have the marines fuck girl standards to male Marines? What is it like to be a U.

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What are the differences between normal marines and recon marines? Do people in the Marines have sex marines fuck girl their own squad? Why do so many escort leamington Marines marry guys who are also Marines? Are Marines who gril in combat hard to have a romantic relationship with?