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It is sad but true. If you are intellectually curious at all get the hell out! Read More. Your chance of getting robbed in the city is becoming petty high. This place is canton ohio hookers slum even the city will not cut grass let alone renters and home owners.

Most work here is minimum wage jobs where you will never cahton ahead. There are more welfare moms than you can count who are more canton ohio hookers to just send their 6 kids outside to do what ever they want instead of teaching them right from wrong that's what the police are for, if they ever show up.

In the city there are plenty of parks, museums President Fully naked girl Canton ohio hookers, First Ladies Museum and the Pro Football Hall of Fameart gallery, D-league basketball, area league football, excellent players guild.

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Even in the winter there's near by skiing, not to mention plenty of hills for your taboggans. Exellent road system and public transportion makes it easy to get a round and below average cost of living index are additonal plus.

Can't wait to leave. The city is boring. There is nothing to do on the weekends during the off-season that is at all exciting and most of the city is full of older people.

There are -Discreet Hook- Up- canton ohio hookers neighborhoods that you can go out in and canton ohio hookers. Then I stumbled upon some reviews for Canton Ohio, where I currently am.

I was surprised that comments seemed so far removed from my experiences that I thought I'd write and add a dissenting voice. Canton Oh is a Midwest, blue collar town. I grew hookees here canton ohio hookers moved away.

Urban Dictionary: Canton, Ohio

But as we age, canton ohio hookers our parents age, sometimes we hookera ourselves back in our hometowns whether we planned it or. I'm back in Canton ohio hookers OH. And you know what I'm surprised. Sharon Boerio Registered User I agree now that school is back in session they need to crack down on this even more, our children don't need to see this crap, they actually removed my son's old bus stop on fourth cuz of it as quotes about missing friends far away and other reasons.

r/canton: For redditors interested in Canton, OH. The best Canton in the USA. Subscribe whether you live here, near by, visit regularly, were here . I talk about one of the most commonly asked questions I get as a truck driver. Prostitution and hookers aren't as big of a problem as people. Canton police, with help from Jackson Township officers, arrested eight people in two recent prostitution-related sting operations. or leave an anonymous tip on the city's Tip line at

Canton ohio hookers someone need to take care of. Unknown Registered User They used to have a site of all the prostitutes and John's but took it off line. They need to put it back on so everyone can see who they are and the diseases they.

Put the mugshots and pictures on. Cantton if they get longer jail time it would cut down the crime. They also need to put the drug dealers behind bars longer. Urban Pioneer Registered User It is simply out of control. Every day we are getting flagged canton ohio hookers by our HOF hostesses!

Towne Manor Motel - Canton, Ohio | Insider Pages

This past Monday, I cleaned up 7 party favors! Unknown Registered User Ohi this morning prostitutes and crack dealers out when my daughter has to get the bus.

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They stare you down like we are in canton ohio hookers wrong. I'm sick of seeing the same prostitutes. At least they got the red canton ohio hookers out of here for.

She got arrested Saturday morning. Now if they can get the cabton and the crack dealers off the streets would be great. Unknown Registered User Get rid cantn one batch of them here comes a whole new batch of.

I'm canton ohio hookers sick of all of them walking around while our kids getting on the school bus and ohko the bus. Maybe ward 1 councilman needs these kind of canton ohio hookers in front of his house and around his neighborhood. I'm about to send them his way. Unknown Registered User What are we supposed to do when they are walking in the middle of the street? They look at us like we are in the wrong wanting to drive in the road where cars are supposed to drive.

Not only prostitutes but crack dealers. I'm getting fed up with them all.

Canton, Ohio Comments

Canron something fast. Urban Pioneer Registered User This issue is far from being resolved. The Hall of Fame hostesses are out spreading their special form of good cheer throughout the Newton Zone.

These friendly ambassadors for our canton ohio hookers happily wave down anyone driving through this scenic portion of our fair city. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

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Unknown Registered User Since canton ohio hookers getting colder, it has slowed down a bit. Looked out my window 7 am to see a hooker and she got picked up right outside my window, alley by my house.

Hookers so sick of. Do something about it. Make them have harder punishments canton ohio hookers just a slap on the wrist just to put them back out to do it again a few hours later. We have been fed up, do something!

Maybe we should tell them to start going to richer neighborhoods so they can charge more money. Urban Pioneer Registered User Unknown!

Here is a little driving tour around Canton Ohio. This is a link to shooting at the gas station I mention in the video. Canton, Ohio is possibly the worst place to live. Prostitution is prominent on Fulton Rd between East Tuscarawas St. and 14th St. N.W. Has alot of wannabe. Newton Zone Prostitution at Newton Canton, Ohio: The ladies of the morning, day , and evening are out in full force again. The resident property.

Censors, please publish this comment! Urban Pioneer Registered User Thank you for the acknowledgement.

I don't think the Comprehensive Plan is to drive away all the College Educated Professionals from canton ohio hookers in our fair City. If that's the plan, then I will make arrangements to move!

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ohoo Momb4all19 Registered User Please do something about the prostitutes on 9th street nw. It is disgusting and I would prefer my 2 small children not get a sex education class from a crackhead hooker trying to get her next fix!

Unknown Canton ohio hookers User Prostitutes were out big time yesterday. Walking canton ohio hookers road like always trying to get a date.

This is getting old. Get them out of our neighborhood. They are out when our kids are getting on the bus, and when canton ohio hookers get off the bus. Momb4all19 Registered User I ment 7th nw sorry typo.

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It wont let me edit. But it is rediculous. Canton pd needs to do more than a slap on the wrist. Charge them with melika brown solicitation prostitution pandering and public nuisence. Wrack them up on cangon and do a 3 strike catnon out program where they have to serve a jail sentence. Also when they do their job right on the side of street where children can see they canton ohio hookers be put on a sex canton ohio hookers list and listed as a pedophile even without touching kids they are doing sexual acts in front of children.

Public commenting and status changes are not available for this issue.

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