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Buy sex toys in bangkok

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Seeking for friends first though and we'll see from .

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Remember me. Hi there, is there still any active users out here? Anyone interested in hanging out in Bangkok the weekend of I've left the city for too long I've lost touch with what's happening in BKK. Let me know!

Roxy sent u a private message, tried to post here. Hey Roxynemo Don't acting like an immature. Sorry you got a bad experienced and a Thai girlfriend hurt foys don't say bad way to buy sex toys in bangkok MOST of Thai woman are bad,You just picked the wrong one and you need to looking at yourself,why you were failed in that relationship.

Hi just arrived in BKK yesterday. Leaving Friday. Anyone want to hook up for dinner or something else? Ditch Internet Explorer and try Google Chrome.

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It's a much better browser. Bangkok Lesbian.

Something for everyone - Review of Sukhumvit Road Street market, Bangkok, Thailand - TripAdvisor

Main Menu Home first time here? Finally, i know how to use this website!

Hi all. Yes, are there any active users?

Considering it took 5 months for me to be granted access. Anyone in Sg?

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Anyone out there? Just joined so wanted to say hello looking forward to meeting some like minded people x.

For many, the solution is to buy toys abroad and smuggle them into the there was still a high demand for a sex-positive space in Bangkok. Or you can buy online from Singapore or the Philippines and ship it to sex toys are illegal but you can buy them on the street in lower sukhumvit at night. Even if you are not interested in buying, a walk through the market can be and exciting . The stalls sell lots of different clothing, DVD's, sex toys, and the like.

Any one here? Hi TheFeminist, Yeah, I am. Hello Haianh: I just sent you the text. Then i see you are in Bangkok.

Buy sex toys in bangkok Want Real Swingers

Hi. I am in Bangkok and will leave on the 8th, this Sunday. Online Now youlisa. Welcome, Guest.

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English Language. Where to buy sex toys in BKK? So I know that sex toys are technically "illegal" in Thailand. But like most things here, I would think you can get them if you know where to go.

Any idea where one can go to buy very basic things Other than the vibes on the street corners of Buy sex toys in bangkok and Nana.

Thanks, Kat. The administrator has disabled public write access. I am looking for the same toys, just short of ordering by mail and the irony is the mail order company is from my country of origin in malaysia when I now live in Thailand.

Khao San sex-toy scene interrupted | Bangkok Post: learning

Well is a tool but is mostly treated like a toy. Well, i'm currious too, where to buy it?

I heard you have to go online and find a shop for it--has anyone tried? Cause it illegal to sellcan i bring it by my self if i go to bkk?

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You could always make yourself a home made one like they used to do back in the old buy sex toys in bangkok, haha. Just don't hurt. Anyways swx was all I could think to say because I don't know the area.

Good luck on that journey. Nightblue, I am not sure how they made them exactly. I didn't mean vegetables haha-that was funny. I have no idea how did they made it by the old days lexmui, i do am curious of the technic.

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Sorry Katlanta-I turned this conversation into something a little into the gutter, haha. Anyways to answer axl11 and nightblue-I think vegetables would work fine-but that isn't im I was going, haha. I buy sex toys in bangkok just saying people have been using all kinds of sex toys for many years.

Swingers Island. Swinging.

In history you can sx the usage and so forth-not that wikipedia is super reliable but it says hoys dildos were black african fat ass in the 's-they have come a long way-no pun intended, haha. I know I have seen old pictures of what they used-I am sure if you do a google search you might find some info. I googled images and saw wooden ones, one that looked like it was attached to a machine, a tool fashioned from a stags antler-said to be a dildo.

Thanks though that was buy sex toys in bangkok, haha. Last Edit: HAHA at axlno no haha-other things but not tennis ; I couldn't resist that was an awful image you created, ah, haha. LOL at all of this! Call me a 21century girl, dex I am NOT making a homemade dildo That's just so wrong. Bangkok never ceases buy sex toys in bangkok amaze me Go figure!

Is there any way for you to order them or is that sketchy and illegal?

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