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Guy 1: I counted to today!

Guy 2: Sooo you want to get stoned? What the fuck does that have to do with anything? One of the many names for weed.

Its mainly in reference to time. But theres also April 20th. Its 4: Supposedly "" was a code used by the San Rafael police department, however, the department has always denied.

420 fuck or just or group known as the " Waldos " claim to have originated in San Rafael in The group met every day at 4: Can't wait tilI'm going to blaze out of my mind. Spank Juwt Culver's Horsing Feferi Alternative facts Morty Get Down Mr.

Choo-choo Like x 3. And if it has to be celebrated and is going to be a day anyway - why not make it a day thats worth remembering?

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Like say, Peter Tosh's birthday? I'd smoke 420 fuck or just or 240 all day in celebration and honor of Peter Tosh over what a buncha high school losers said. I even had a party last year in celebration of Bob's birthday and smoked more weed on that day than I'd ever smoke onand I dont even like Marley that.

I'm not mad, I just think its stupid. Why not just smoke it every day, and why label it on a day? I only found out recently that was hitlers birthday and made it oor even more stupid to me.

I dont see the point in making a smoking day period. Aug 26, Messages: I think you need to chill bro, seriously. Smoke some of tuck good good herb.

It's just a number and a day, no need to get your panties in a bun. Jun 7, Messages: I fucking hate things. May 31, Messages: More of an excuse to smoke weed?

I don't see what the problem is, Sir.

Oct 15, Messages: CTFD man nobodys making you participate. Jun 30, Messages: The celebration drowns out the fact that its hitlers b-day.

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I dont think very many stoners celebrate hitler on Jan 26, Messages: Mar 3, Messages: Dude, its only the highschoolers that celebrate it, and those with high school mentality. So let them have their day.

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Its no big deal. They all learn in a couple years it was just a youth thing to. Yes, its pretty moronic, but we all act like morons sometimes, so let the highschoolers have their day.